What is WhatsApp Q-sender

WhatsApp Q-sender is a marketing software anyone can use to reach out to millions of people around the world with a click.The software generate millions of valid phone numbers of WhatsApp users anywhere in the world and you can send send bulk SMS to them in one click. It was made especially to enable advertisers to send the group, advertising and non-commercial advertising messages using WhatsApp which will allow the users to send photos and videos.

Whatsoever you are selling in any part of the world will sell via WhatsApp provided is something of valelue. Imagine blasting your newly imported goods to 100,000 people at once? The result will be overwhelming. This is a gold mine.

Today, entrepreneurs from all over the world, import goods from other countries like China. This software can help you reach your target market effortlessly and in a cost effective manner.

Have you ever seen many networking programs where some networkers earn $200,000 without holding any seminar and others that hold seminars in different state did not earn one quarter of what they earned?

Its because of the digital marketing strategies called WhatsApp Q-sender where you can reach millions of people around the world in one click advertising your businesses.The world is changing, some things we are doing now are obsolete people are getting new information's everyday.

Over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp on monthly basis,so there is a potential customer growth for your business on a global level.

WhatsApp is growing in numbers day-by-day so its definitely a platform to consider.

Messaging applications are quickly overtaking normal social media,so take advantage of the gap in the market to promote your products and services

Features of our software

1Very easy to use
2send text,image and video with the software
3100% delivery of message with proof
you can see all message in your own WhatsApp account
4The software filtered out all the numbers that are not on WhatsApp.
5World fatest send SMS, send 1000 sms in 1-2 mins.
6Send unlimited messages with no cost per message at all.
7One time payment
No monthly fees,no annual fees and no hidden fees,one time payment only and own your own software.
8High speed WhatsApp bulk sender

The price list of our Product

Single User


  • Lifetime Validity
  • Unlimited Message
  • Text, Image, Video, Document
  • Filter Inbuild



  • Lifetime Validity
  • Unlimited Message
  • Text, Image, Video, Document
  • Filter Inbuild
  • Keygen